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“Vida Bonita” means “Beautiful Life” in Portuguese and it was a special thing our grandfather often used to say during our childhood. His life motto.It was his way to express what life was meant to be and  how important our choices and decisions would be to accomplish that. AW22 collection is inspired in our grandparents and the so many memories we have from the times we had together and the advice they gave us, in every story read, in every smile they made, in every tender look they gave us. It is a sum up of their life lessons and a way to pass them to our children. An intergenerational heritage.

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The Summer Gang

There’s someThing nosTalgic abouT summerTime. summer is ThaT amazing Time of TanTaliz- ing music of ice cream Trucks, sofTball games in The backyard, lazy beach days, The smell of sunscreen and, mosT impor-TanTly, new and exciTing advenTures wiTh friends. when going down The memory laneof our childhood, summer advenTures wiTh friends are definiTely someThing ThaT comes up wiTh mulTiple feelings and exciTemenT. endless bike riding hours, card playing aT The club, embracing braceleTs’ business projecTs, or simply laying down in The backyard and Talking abouT summer firsT loves. all of These are likely To be aT The hearT of some of The happiesT Times of our childhood summers. when we laughed carelessly aT anyThing ThaT crossed our way. made up lyrics…

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We start the new Spring Summer season with Buho Sister: L ‘ é t é d e m a v i e . . S p r i n g S u m m e r   c o l l e c t ion 19 Inspiring looks for us based in natural fabrics, linens, organic cottons, dyed garments, stripes, all with those handfeel that remember the antique pieces of our wardrobe that we loves!! Enjoy the collection!!

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