TINYCOTTONS SUMMER 18 SPIRIT 12 abril, 2018 – Posted in: GIRL

Dear Guest !


This summer we’d like to invite you to a very special place, a dream holidays destination: Hôtel Bonheur ! 

Pack your bags and set off on this funny journey in the search of merriness. Le concierge Monsieur Pancake will guide you through the hotel rooms and you’ll see the magic happen… Learn the good fun know-how before you leave and you’ll know the real meaning of it.  Don’t miss any attraction, it’s all inclusive ! 

Enjoy your staying,


Hôtel Bonheur staff 



ALL INCLUSIVE tells a story about a misterious Hôtel Bonheur where the guests learn how to have a good time and discover a real meaning of the all inclusive concept, which is:

value the priceless !

The prints of the SS18 collection are inspired in the hotel rooms and facilities as well as in the hotel staff. Together with tinycottons classic grid, summer stripes and this season’s colorway they make ALL INCLUSIVE a great collection.