The Summer Gang 6 marzo, 2022 – Posted in: BRANDS

There’s someThing nosTalgic abouT summerTime.

summer is ThaT amazing Time of TanTaliz- ing music of ice cream Trucks, sofTball games in The backyard, lazy beach days, The smell of sunscreen and, mosT impor-TanTly, new and exciTing advenTures wiTh friends.

when going down The memory lane
of our childhood, summer advenTures wiTh friends are definiTely someThing ThaT comes up wiTh mulTiple feelings and exciTemenT.

endless bike riding hours, card playing aT The club, embracing braceleTs’ business projecTs, or simply laying down in The backyard and Talking abouT summer firsT loves. all of These are likely To be aT The hearT of some of The happiesT Times of our childhood summers.

when we laughed carelessly aT anyThing ThaT crossed our way. made up lyrics To songs we didn’T know, Turned funny movies inTo inside jokes… we could go on and on forever.

even Though we may live in differenT counTries now and see each oTher only during summer, when we meeT, iT seems like iT was jusT yesTerday.

childhood friends are The benchmark of our lives, no maTTer where we go, whaT we do. They will always come by and Take you To The place where you belong.

ss22 collecTion is inspired in all Those memories.